Type: Office

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

GFA: 67,000 m2

Owner: REE Corporation

Piling Contractor: Bachy Soletanche



In March 2018, E.Town Central building by REE Corporation received GOLD certification for LEED version 3 (2009) by USGBC. This is a high-rise office building grade A, which is located in District 4 in Ho Chi Minh City. With totally 25 floors, E.Town Central provides more than 34,000m2 of office for lease.


E.Town Central uses a combination of solutions of different categories, all of which helped it achieve 20.82% energy savings. It uses double glazing glass with low U-value, air-conditioned by chiller system and VRV with high COP at the same time. CO2 sensor is also installed to use in the building. The project achieved 88% of natural lighting and 98% of external view.

By using efficient water fixtures, E.Town Central saves 49% of water usage compared to the consumption in LEED Baseline model. In addition, the project also takes advantage of materials with recycled content (27.36%) and materials from local sources (80%). With an effective management plan for construction waste, E.Town Central has successfully converted and reduced the amount of waste to 85%. Regarding health and well-being for building occupants, the project carefully selected the products of paint, water-proof sealant and adhesive that have low VOC content, ensuring safety and comfort for all people living and working inside the building.